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XBox Live Gold membership 14 Days Trial Subscription (Only for New Account)

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About XBox Live Gold Card (Global)

Kindly refer to The list of countries/regions where the Live service is supported before purchase.


  • You can’t stack redeemable codes for Xbox Live Gold membership from games or console bundles.



Regarding Xbox Live Gold 2 days or 14 days trial subscription

Xbox Gold Membership 2-days / 14-days Trial code allows to access to online mutliplayer gaming, but not to other Gold membership features.

At the end of your 2-days / 14-days trial period, your subcription will default to the free Xbox Live Sliver subscription.

Features may change without notice.Subject to the link: Term of use


    1. You can’t add an Xbox Live Gold trial subscription if you already have an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

More details kindly refer to the link : Xbox live gold trial subscription info


About the 1 Month GAMEPASS

Note : This product will not work in an account where you have previously activated a Game Pass.

Enjoy unlimited access to over one hundred great Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles.

More details kindly refer to the link : Complete list of Xbox Game Pass games for Xbox One


Xbox Live Gold Membership Overview

With an Xbox LIVE Gold membership, take your Xbox 360 online to play Kinect and controller games with friends wherever they are. Instantly watch HD movies, TV shows and sports, and with Kinect, your voice is the remote control. Not sure what to play or watch

Quickly find new movies, songs or games with your voice. Even use your phone or tablet as a second screen to control and interact with what you’re watching. Plus, now you can explore the web on your TV with Internet Explorer for Xbox. Entertainment is more amazing with Xbox.



      • Play Kinect and controller games online with friends
      • Watch TV from Sky, Netflix, BBC iPlayer**, YouTube and many more
      • Use your voice to easily find movies, TV shows, music and games on Xbox 360 with Kinect
      • Use your phone or tablet as a second screen for an enhanced game and entertainment experience


Xbox Live Gift Card Redemption Guide on PC

Xbox gift cards, Xbox Live gold cards and Xbox Music Pass cards – on a computer and have them applied to your account immediately. Here’s the guide:

      1. On a computer, go to Redeem Code and click Sign In.
      2. Sign in with your Microsoft account.
      3. Click Redeem.
      4. Enter the 25-character prepaid code and click Confirm.


Xbox Live Gift Card Redemption Guide on Xbox One

      1. Go to Games, and then select Use a code. Or, say “Xbox, use code”.
      2. If prompted, sign in.
      3. Select Or enter the 25-character code, and then enter your code.


Xbox Live Gift Card Redemption Guide on Xbox 360

      1. Sign in to Xbox Live using the account for which you want to use the prepaid code.
      2. Press the Guide button on the controller.
      3. Go to Games & Apps and select Redeem Code.
      4. Enter the 25-character prepaid code and select Done.
      5. When prompted, click Yes to confirm the redemption.


Important Note: The ‘stacking’ of Xbox Live subscriptions is no longer allowed by Microsoft. Users will recieve an error when attempting to add more than one subscription card at a time.

Return Policy :

Any form of CD Key, Time Card, Expansion, Game Points, Pre-paid Card, Trial/Beta/Item Code viewed from your account history is neither refundable nor exchangeable.

Disclaimer :

    • Does not include manuals, Installation CDs, box, physical card or other physical elements.
    • You will be able to view your code(s) in My Game Card page after your order is processed.
    • Refunds on pre-order items are available 2 weeks prior to product release.


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